The Happening

So we went to some cool place the other day called ‘tinseltown’ – which is supposedly kinda famous for their milkshakes.
They had all sorts of weird milkshakes there , the jist of it is that they basically Get icecream and throw it in a blender along with some sort of chocolate bar/cookie/biscuit/bag of crisps/pebble.
Stuff they had off the top of my head…
Ferrero rocher , twix bar, snickers bar, mars bar , hobnob , oreo ,lion bar , dime bar , after eights , boost bar….

Also had a mammoth burger thing – double beefburger with bacon and egg with fries. I almost threw up.

We then went to see ‘The Happening’ – i had no idea what to expect , whether it was supposed to be good or not , etc etc.

Film spoilers below – and by i mean i practicaly type out everything in the film.
Highlight the below yourself or CTRL+A if you want a shitty film spoiled for you.

The jist of the film was that the plants are killing people by some sort of airbourne toxin which makes people commit suicide. Farfetched? very.
The main moments of entertainment for me were probably the parts where somebody else pointed out that the main character always looks really angry. and the parts with creative suicides – for example (and this is the best part of the film right here) – Some guy turns a giant lawnmower on , puts it to turn right so it spins around in circles then lays down in front of it. – Im pretty glad that there were other people in the cinema with a sadistic side to themselves , along with me laughing , the guy in front of me and the guy to my right were as well. One of my friends suggested that perhaps they’re actually laughing AT me , not with me. But whatever – i think a guy getting run over my a lawnmower is hilarious so fuck them.
The Film ends just as badly as cloverfield did – although at least in cloverfield the threat was still present. In this the deadly whatever the fuck it is basicallly just disapears for good and everyone is saved.

What a shit film.