Mass Effect on my Mental State

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So the intresting thing about blogging is that you only ever seem to make wtfamazing posts when you have stuff to do.

When you have all the time in the world – you can’t think of anything to write about.
Well.. thats what i thought until i opened this page at least.

So.. Mass Effect.

MetaCritic score of 90 for the PC version (91 for the 360 version)


I played some of it earlier today since i was rather looking forward to it , what with all the good reviews and feedback it must be good. Or so i thought.

Now i havent played it for too long yet but here goes.

The dialogue/story/cutscenes/etc , i can deal with story elements , heck i even encourage some storytelling , the cutscenes and such do seem relentless though. Cutscene after Cutscene , how boring – i just wanna have fun , if i wanted a huge story id read a book (maybe.) .
Thank god the voice acting is decent , otherwise it would be horrible.

Onto the combat then.
Depending on your character type , you lose half the skills/equipment. Funfun , not that you’d use half of it because the magic/skills stuff is all shit. Infact everything seems shit , maybe its because im at the start of the game but i thought that picking a hybrid warrior/caster type would be the most fun and get the best of both worlds – What i got instead was 2 fucking worthless skills and ‘proficiency’ (i use that lightly since even though my char is proficient at pistols she couldnt shoot worth shit.)
i was getting on to it but i inadvertently spilled the beans already.
Aiming? fuck aiming.
Your character learned to use firearms from a squirrel , if you are able to shoot at anything more than 2 meters away you’re lucky already.

Leveling up seems kinda meh, with not enough skills and such again.

The graphics are nice but seem a little unoptimized – I think Age of Conan runs better , which is worrying.
Maybe my imagination but the whole game is really fucking dark too. I had to turn my monitor onto dynamic contrast (aka. supernova monitor mode) to be able to see stuff.

Summary : A game consisting of 80% cutscenes and 20% shit Combat.

ps. The game is really hard too , maybe because i put it on hard , but still i don’t expect to die in 3 shots – especially when the enemies have had eagle eyeballs implanted into them.

Cant think of anything else to bitch at so ill leave it there.