Mass Effect on my Mental State

So the intresting thing about blogging is that you only ever seem to make wtfamazing posts when you have stuff to do.

When you have all the time in the world – you can’t think of anything to write about.
Well.. thats what i thought until i opened this page at least.

So.. Mass Effect.

MetaCritic score of 90 for the PC version (91 for the 360 version)


I played some of it earlier today since i was rather looking forward to it , what with all the good reviews and feedback it must be good. Or so i thought.

Now i havent played it for too long yet but here goes.

The dialogue/story/cutscenes/etc , i can deal with story elements , heck i even encourage some storytelling , the cutscenes and such do seem relentless though. Cutscene after Cutscene , how boring – i just wanna have fun , if i wanted a huge story id read a book (maybe.) .
Thank god the voice acting is decent , otherwise it would be horrible.

Onto the combat then.
Depending on your character type , you lose half the skills/equipment. Funfun , not that you’d use half of it because the magic/skills stuff is all shit. Infact everything seems shit , maybe its because im at the start of the game but i thought that picking a hybrid warrior/caster type would be the most fun and get the best of both worlds – What i got instead was 2 fucking worthless skills and ‘proficiency’ (i use that lightly since even though my char is proficient at pistols she couldnt shoot worth shit.)
i was getting on to it but i inadvertently spilled the beans already.
Aiming? fuck aiming.
Your character learned to use firearms from a squirrel , if you are able to shoot at anything more than 2 meters away you’re lucky already.

Leveling up seems kinda meh, with not enough skills and such again.

The graphics are nice but seem a little unoptimized – I think Age of Conan runs better , which is worrying.
Maybe my imagination but the whole game is really fucking dark too. I had to turn my monitor onto dynamic contrast (aka. supernova monitor mode) to be able to see stuff.

Summary : A game consisting of 80% cutscenes and 20% shit Combat.

ps. The game is really hard too , maybe because i put it on hard , but still i don’t expect to die in 3 shots – especially when the enemies have had eagle eyeballs implanted into them.

Cant think of anything else to bitch at so ill leave it there.

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