Sweeney Todd : Demon barber of Robert Deniro

So a friend of mine said Sweeney Todd was a cool film. Thought id see for myself.

Found it on HDbits , i opted to go for the mid quality version , which was only 8gb. (The high quality one being 12gb , and the low quality one being 4gb) – 720p with 5.1 Surround Audio.

Im not a huge fan of musicals,  I say that , i dont think ive ever even watched one before this – I saw ‘we will rock you’ at broadway , wonder if that counts.

So Sweeney todd is an Almost 2 hour film about a man and his lost daughter, and his plot to get revenge on the judge who has essentially kidnapped the daughter , theres also a bit about a pie shop and a segment with Borat/Ali-G singing about cutting hair.

87.5% of the film is singing… thats a good portion of the film.

To my surprise , i rather enjoyed it.
The songs were somewhat catchy (That pie song at the start of the film is crazy catchy) and the story itself was fairly decent as well. As a bonus you get to see about 20 people get their throats slit.

Summary : If you have an open enough mind to watch a film consisting primarily of singing then you should probably give it a watch.