TF2 Pyro Achievements

I love achievements , partially because i like to whore them and then brag about how big my e-peen is but mainly because i feel it gives me something to do. They’re like the bonus missions you get in other games , or like the dog tag system back in MGS2.

Dance Dance immolation achievement picture is fucking amazing.

and the OMGWTFBBQ (Kill an enemy with fireball taunt) will definately be great fun to try and get.

The new flamethrower alt fire feature seems somewhere between overpowered and really fucking useless to me.
Generally speaking , most pyros will be trying to get as close to you as possible , the flamethrower does the most damage when you’re inside their face after all. This new feature seems to encourage hit and run tactics, relying on burn damage. The ability to deflect soldier rockets does seem very overpowered too.

The backburner and axtinguisher also seem incredibly imbalanced. The backburner gives an extra 50 hp for no reason at all , this essentially turns the normal pyro we have today into a 225hp monster with guaranteed crits on stealth burns. *shrugs*

I guess we’ll see how those turn out.

It does look like valve have learned some stuff in making the achievements though , all if not most of the pyro achievements seem alot harder to get than the medic ones.