Pyro Fortress 2

Yeah we all saw it coming.

Do it from far away and usually they’ll come close to you and try to fireball you. As soon as the animation starts going – move to behind them and start yours ASAP. You can usually fireball them because you cant move when the taunt is going. Shit is so great.

Most of these achievements are awesome actually – with only a few being ridiculous stuff that you need to farm – Im looking at you ‘Got a light’ (Set an enemy spy on fire while he’s doing his cigarette flick taunt)

Alot of them seem very long term as well – with Achievements which are actually achievements , 1000 kills and 1m Damage for example.

I do wonder when we’ll get to do the spy related ones , i doubt there will be any proper spies trying to play for ages.

The Compressed air thing is BS hard to use imo. Ive yet to really deflect anything back in the direction it came from. Tried once or twice with crit rockets – To no avail 🙁