Shakeaway – the new best way to kill yourself

So I went to Lakeside shopping centre a few days ago , partially for a walk around , partially for this one shop which was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread.

The menu is below , id definately recommend viewing in full size since you cant see shit in the thumbnail

So what they basically do is put a little milk in the bottom of a blender , 4 scoops of ice cream and then whatever ‘flavour’ you pick.
As you can see by the picture , i went for the Ferrero rocher and my friend went for the Dime Bar.
They basically just throw into the blender with the ice cream and milk and then blend it.

The result is a very cold , very smooth , very amazing milkshake , tasting partially of whatever you threw in and partially of ice cream. If you’re lucky the blender didnt explode your flavour enough and you’ll have bits of it left in the bottom.

I think next time i go i may have to get the Peanut M&M’s or the Full Jam Doughnut (wtf)

I probably should have taken pictures of the shop premesies itself , its basically just a counter with 8 blenders and a shitton of sweets/biscuits/cakes behind still in their wrappers.

Good stuff indeed.