Firefox 3 – Hell yes Zoom

Um… what to blog.

So. Firefox 3 is awesome.
Im sure most of you probably have it already but theres bound to be one of you thats slow on the uptake – probably Nguman because he’s too busy doing tiger uppercuts or something.

I havent actually noticed much different between firefox 2 and firefox 3. There is the rather blatent exploding of the bookmarks menu thing. Which now has an extra 4 lines or whatever – infact i dont even know how bookmarking works anymore , you have to go to recent bookmarks which is just wtf.

So the main (and arguably only) reason that Firefox 3 rules so much over Firefox 2?


I always preferred the zoom feature in IE over firefox , mainly because the firefox increase text thing would generally break webpages entirely or make shit inaccessable (buttons and such). But now it works! Success!
The hugest problem with having a monitor with a res of 1920×1200 is that half the pages on the web are just a tiny pillar in the middle of the screen – optimized for dickheads browsing the web on their iPhones or whatever the latest small screen gadget is.
Observe BS level of wasted space below on gameshit

Infact , i measured the amount of wasted space and it comes to approximately 1100 pixels. I could view the same page twice on the monitor and STILL have space left over.

Thankfully the zoom thingy fixes this. Firefox makers, Meng thanks ye!

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  • Meng I was actually one of the 8 million people who gave Mozilla their Guiness record, but that was 10 minutes before I started on my hurricane kicks.

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