Smash Bros Brawl

[I got bored trying to piece together my thoughts logically so i thought id just throw it all down in any order , i may begin writing my game review things in this fashion from now on because its tons easier.]

I’m not the biggest smash brothers fan , its fun for about a half hour with some friends but thats all really as far as im concerned.
My brother on the other hand is a fanatic,  his preorder came in the mail today.

Controls : I don’t know about you guys , but using the wiimote and nunchuck to play is weird as hell , it just feels very wrong and awkward to me , i didn’t try any of the other control schemes (NES wiimote or Classic Control) as i whacked in my Gamecube controller at the first given opportunity.

Graphics : Looks like a polished version of Melee , not the greatest but they’ll do

Purple Monster Things : Remind me a lot of the heartless from the kingdom hearts series.

Gameplay in general : Its Melee with a story cobbled together and snake. Lets not forget snake. Speaking of…

Snake : Where the fuck is he.

Unlockables : Fuck you , i want snake.

The Story mode : Its rather meh , run around and kill stuff – repeat. They tried to do a funky thing by making proper levels and such and this works to some extent. Reminds me of the donkey kong level , of which brings me to…

The Music : Is fucking amazing. I had a feeling this would be the thing that essentially saves the game and from what ive seen so far , it really does.

The Story mode (Part2) : Oh , also. It forces you to play as characters you probably arent good at or used to (all of them aside from )

uh.. anything else…

The box : Is limited edition with a cardboard casing thing , sexy.

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  • ‘I main uhh Fox, Marth, and Peach because they are the only three characters useful in this game. Ike’s pretty good too’ -Typical Brawl Fan

    Fuck that Ryu all the fucking way.

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