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Castlevania Arcade cabinet comes with WHIP CONTROLLER


On another note , Firefox has an interesting take on how to spell Castlevania.

The Dark Sore Throat (aka.The Dark Knight)

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So practically dragged to the cinema today to watch the new Batman film which im sure you’ve all heard about.
Everybody said it looked really good in the trailers , that it got good reviews etc etc.
I was very sceptical (as usual) , the trailer made the film look pretty meh and it was very much on my list of ‘films that probably wont get watched ever’

I was pleasantly surprised then when i watched the film and it didnt suck a massive pile of cocks. The film turned out to not be bad at all , infact i may even be persuaded into saying that it was ‘good’ although imo it misses the bar for ‘awesome’ by quite a margin.

(i should probably adapt some sort of fashion for ‘reviewing’ movies , since i seem to do it differently every time. Its nowhere near the standard of ‘Pryme’ s movie review blog posts – back when she used to actually update her fucking blog of course. I hope you’re reading this Miss Stephanie , if that is your real name.)


What made the film NOT suck?
– The joker – admittedly the films saving grace. Ledger turned the joker into a whitefaced clown into a true psychotic nutjob.
– The length of the film – it felt awfully long to me. Although not quite to the extent where its ‘for godsake just let the film end’ , it lets you feel like you got your moneys worth , particuarly that there are so many fucking twists and turns in the film that it feels like you’ve watched a trilogy.
– Morgan freeman – everyone loves Morgan freeman
– Batmans Sore throat – Was so fucking unneccesary that it was hilarious. It would appear that when he dons the batsuit™ he is forced to punch himself in the throat 8 times , eat a smal barb wire fence and then contract throat cancer.

Okay then , what made the film suck?

– Batman. – I hate batman. He doesent even have any super powers. pft.
– No batarangs – batman is supposed to have batarangs.
– The chinese guy gets burned to death , what the fuck is this racism.
– Harvey’s face towards the end of the film , it was gross.
– Michael Caine –  I fucking hate that guy. He’s such a wank. Im yet to see one film where he doesent suck ass.
– Morgan Freeman – He never calls anyone a motherfucker :<
– The whole love story thing was crap.
– Batmans voice (again) – the whole sore throat thing just plain pisses you off towards the end of the film, it makes his mouth go all weird when he’s talking to. That or he enjoys airing his gums or something?

End Note : Not as amazing as everyone claims , but a pretty good film. And this is coming from a guy that really dislikes batman.

Fuck you

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Harold and Kumar escape from G.Bay

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It was nowhere near as good as it should have been.

I still can’t decide whether it was a bad film or whether it just didn’t live up to the first film/my expectations of it.
Basic plotline is that they try to go to amsterdam , become falsely accused of being terrorists and then have to try and clear their name.
Obviously for Harold and Kumar life isnt simple ,and whoever came up with the plot for the film was clearly tripping on acid or something since s/he just throws all sorts of fucked up shit in there.
Theres also a fair amount of extra stuff for guys. Tits are fairly common and theres a scene where everyone (girls.) is showing off their pubes.

I normally at this point in the ‘review’ (if you really want to call it that.) tell you whether or not you should watch it. And i really don’t have a clue.
I’m leaning towards ‘Don’t Bother’ but at the same time it did have some funny parts and it wasn’t by any stretch a horrible film.

If you really enjoyed the first film , you may as well give it a watch. The story follows on directly from the first film and even if you don’t like it , its only 1hr 45mins.
Obviously if you havent seen the first film don’t even bother.

ps. theres a scene with George Bush getting high.
pps. theres also a scene with a bottomless girl doing a backwards handstand thing. And if you have the HD version , its fucking hot.

W…Wait.. Really?

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August 26, 2008

I’m pretty exciteD for ULTRA BEATDOWN

btw , not sure how long its been out but they released a single of a song from the album.
youtube link is here
I love how its the EXACT SAME SONG but with slightly modified lyrics.

After Dinner Mints

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So today we decided to go skating. Me , hawk and Dave took our gear , and headed into the sun.

And then we had a fun day of relaxing in the sun , staring at the sky through leaves , skating around , climbing trees (or i did anyway) and other relaxing summer stuff.
Content with our day out , we headed to tesco, for a very late lunch/early dinner.

From the trees
A view down at Dave and skates from up in the tree

At Tescos we all semi wondered around wandering what to buy for dinner.
At first i thought of buying some ham and then crusty rolls.
We found dave staring at baby octopus in a jar , he challenged us to a battle of manhood.  We declined.
Eventually we bought BBQ Chicken and the crusty rolls , with a 2L bottle of ‘juice’ (term ‘juice’ is used lightly , it was probably closer to liquid sugar. oh well.)

We headed back into tescos after eating our chicken for some desert.
8 ‘Fab’ Ice lollys for a pound. Sorted.

Fab Lolly picture for those who don’t know what it is (it’s a strawberry ice lolly with white jelly stuff and sprinkles on , its also rather yummy.)

However we then ventured into the wrong aisle or something. Dave held a pack of  tesco brand ‘After DInner Mints’ ….
The clouds darkened and thunder sounded in the distance.
It’ll be a laugh we thought , they’ll be so bad it’ll be funny.
We bought them.

Upon opening the box outside , we found they were very similar shaped to ‘After Eights’ , the product they were obviously aiming to rip off. – Obviously though they were not individually wrapped , nor were they any fucking good.

(sample picture of after eights , i really have no idea what you Americans/Estonians/Foreigners have and don’t have.)

I’ll talk you through the experience , since you’ll likely never experience it in your own lifetime.

Stage 1 : You have just placed the ‘After Dinner Mint’ (hereby shortened to ADM – which sounds sorta like a diesease. Appropriate.) into your mouth. You can taste the cheap dark chocolate against your tongue. It’s sorta bitter , being dark chocolate and all , but its not that bad.
You bite into it.

Stage 2 : The mint sauce/juice/jizz/liquid/stuff oozes out of the ADM and onto your teeth and roof of your mouth. your teeth feel tingly. Then the mint sauce begins to flow around your mouth. It engulfs your tongue.

Stage 3 : The mint sauce transforms into a liquid apocalypse against your tongue. it is Strong. very Strong. You convince yourself it doesent taste so bad, however 10 seconds later the taste still lingers and you wish you had never put the ADM into your mouth.

Stage 4 : The cheap chocolate shows its true form , it is chewy and gives off more of its bitter flavour. It mingles with the mint nastiness still in your mouth because you was afraid to swallow it. You’ve entered a new level of worry that you may need to eat 17 Fab lolly’s to get rid of the taste.

Stage 5 : The mint sauce and melted chocolate and saliva have combined to form one large pool of liquid in the bottom of your mouth. You know you have to swallow it or you’ll drown in it. You swallow.
The Mint slowly travels down your throat. You imagine this is how Keanu Reaves felt in the matrix in that bit where the mirror goes down his throat.

Stage 6?: By this point you have either spat the ADM out or swallowed it all. The worst of the taste has gone , however there is still a strong lingering of mint and bitter dark chocolate.
You should NOT try to wash it down with cheap tesco fruit juice. This is similar to trying to put out a fire with tesco fruit juice – that is , it’ll work , but you’ll need to use a lot and the fruit juice wont taste anywhere near as nice after you’ve extinguished fire with it. [i have no idea what im talking about]

We had 8 Fab ice lollys , after eating the first ADM we had 2 each (there were 3 of us.).
We had 2 Fab’s left. How do we decide who gets them?

We look back at the pack of ADM’s. There are 13 left. We divide them into 3 piles.

“whoever spits it out first loses. – you have to chew twice.”

Fresh from my mouth.
ew (fresh from dave's mouth.)

Meng : 1
Hawk : 1
Dave : 0

Kudos if you read this entire blog post. It’s probably one of my longer ones. (about 10 words less than my NiGHTS review which holds current record.)

We’re Back

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So the lovely folks at dreamhost disabled the account temporarily because some fucknut uploaded a phishing site to the uploader. This has led me to believe that the uploader form isn’t ver secure (or not secure enough) , I’ve left it there for the meantime and i’d like all users to keep a little eye on it to make sure nothing fucked up comes along. (bots are horrible.)

I’ve also temporarily disabled the forums , because i think its pretty clear that the bots have most of the fun there and i believe it may be attracting more bots – Kind of like a bot dark alley where the first bots become hookers and then other nasty people start coming to visit the hookers and then those people bring their friends for bot orgy and then more hookers come because they hear its good business and then more nasty people come to….. (etc)

Chickens can eat grass

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Needless to say , the weather here in England has been most lovely , so lovely that ive been going out pretty much every day and havent had much time to update the ol’ blog with anything good.

Highlight of the past 2 days , i Fell asleep in a park.

oooh , i also found out that chickens and rabbits eat grass. I KNOW. CHICKENS. AND RABBITS. EATING GRASS. WTF RITE?

I also (late i’ll admit) declare XKCD , officially. Shit.

ps. YAAAAAAASSSS. Just found harold and Kumar escape from guantanamo bay in 720p 5.1 DTS. I love HDbits.

pps. Rumour : Square enix ™’s ‘Echoes of Time’ , Possible new Chrono Trigger game or perhaps just a subtitle for the DS remake they’re doing.

ppps. Just realised i still had Talisman Online installed

Fun in Rollercoaster Tycoon 3

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I wish i was as easygoing as these janitors.

RCT3 advanced tip number 7 , charge exorbitant amounts for the toilets

My theme park is so stable.

(ps. bloom is pretty amazing as you can see on the right – those are baloons , not lightbulbs they’re carrying.


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mmm.. a mixed day today.
Woke up at 12 , played some Fable. Had to go out at 3 or so for a dentists appointment , he says i need another filling :< I revoke his opinion by persuading mum to go to sainsburys and buy 2L of ice cream and some chocolate bars to blend (DIY Shakeaway style) After coming home i then spent what felt like forever playing RCT3 and going bankrupt because stupid people won’t buy my shit. 5 minutes ago , i made the mikshake. We went for a Kitkat chunky. Probably not the best idea since it took fucking yonks to blend. I had to take the bar out and break it up a bit by hand too. I guess our blender isnt quite cut out for it. Maybe we should get one o dem blendtec things. And i guess thats it for today , Felt like i did more today in my head. But i guess half of that stuff is boring to you guys.

Your Mall Just Got Tagged ,Yo!

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So as a battle of skill , cunning and awesome ,we decided to have a battle at…


Now obviously its no rollercoaster tycoon , nor is it Theme hospital , or theme park , or Sim CIty or anything truly amazing that you could spend days playing. But i actually thought this was quite a fun little game.

Some points to note though :
– Everything other than the first 3 or so shops you place will be unprofitable for the first 3 years they’re there.
– Black security offers seem to be more effective than their white counterparts
– People love to litter
– Benches get broken after 5 minutes unless you have engineers
– Place an entrance

I actually really wanna play Rollercoaster Tycoon now, I still cant decide whether i like the old pixel based ones or the 3d one better. Leaning towards RCT2 for nostalgia factor but i only have RCT3 installed atm =(

ps. Pet shop has just been robbed!
pps. A criminal has just escaped!!
ppps. Pet shop is struggling!!!


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K. after a tip off that people have been misusing the uploader i had to play around with it.
Approx 2 hours or so of messing around later , i ended up with exactly the same thing that i started with , but a slightly more up to date version which includes password protection.

If you dont know the password and you think you can get it off me , do ask.
If you dont think you’ll be able to get me to tell you the password , you probably shouldnt ask.

Misc files have been cleaned up (anything with EXE in the name , a few naked leetfella pictures , etc etc) , most of the ‘noise’ files have been moved to uploads/MUSIC (CAPITAL ‘MUSIC’. BECAUSE EVERYTHING IN THE FOLDER IS REALLY LOUD AND YOU PROBABLY SHOULDNT CHECK IT OUT)

I had to redo the file permission things on the hoster.
If i forgot any important extensions you need – and i probably have – drop a comment or tell me or whatever. – Uploader , still the same URL – Also still the same URL , arent i considerate

Just a day just an… ordinary day..

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What a slow Friday.
I woke up at 11 , the sun had slipped through my curtains and was giving eyelids a lovely tanning (and by lovely I mean horrible and painful)

I spend some time on MSN before doing anything.
Played some AoC at some point , werewolf kicked our ass pretty hard. Where the hell is anony :<
Im pretty psyched for all the PVP stuff to kick in , PVP is always pretty fun out in the fields (assuming they’re within 5 levels of you – or you have some groupies with you). Being able to actual level and shit from PKing would be pretty great. [ps. No escape.]

I installed ‘Beyond good and Evi’l and ‘Fable: The lost chapters’ too.
BGAE has shit widescreen support , and by that i mean it doesent. Stretch FTL – especially when it has letterboxing even in 4:3 :<
After some initial problems with Fable (not compatible with windowblinds) i started playing , initial reactions were not good. The combat seemed kinda boring and such. But then eventually you turn into an IG Adult and everything starts kicking off. You can shop for weapons and armour , lots of quests , story quests , Swordplay , Archery and Magic all seem to combine seemlessly and you’re not really required to stick to one archtype (i hope i used that properly) although naturally your character will probably be biased towards whatever you as a person tend to use most. The graphics arent bad too considering how old the game is – with bloom used in a way that isnt retarded. Im still slowly plowing through the game , but its pretty damn good (although a tidge linear from what ive seen so far , with the quests being ‘annihilate the enemy’ and ‘escort asshole to X’ in a 50:50 proportion. )
PS. my guy is a RangerMage dude :D

This is probably the best E3 trailer ever.

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