Foamburst : Ultimate Shower Xperience

So after i fun day of doing something which i cant remember because it was the other day , i went into my shower. The raging water rained down upon me like the rain they get in… err… devon?
Fuck writing all clever.

I was having an amazing shower.
I put on my usual Garnier Fructis™ hair shampoo and then for my body i picked up the first thing i could get my hands on…

Below is a picture of what i saw when i first picked up the bottle.

its a metal bottle , and felt much like an aerosol can. Across the side i read ‘Mango’
Awesome i thought to myself. I love Mango , this is a pretty great shampoo.

Then i turned the bottle over properly…

Im pretty sure this is the most amazing shampoo in the history of the world.
You know you’ve hit a peak in showering experience when you’re spraying (YES! SPRAYING! It SHOOTS out of the bottle!!!) a shampoo with ‘Madness’ in the name over yourself.
Id also like to add that it actually does Foam the hell up , its amazing.

So i thought to myself ‘hmm.. What could make my shower experience any better?’

I found it.

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