– Cock rings
now ive never tried a cock ring before but i was awfully tempted when i walked into ‘The bitter end’ (a pub) and was greeted by a very large metal vending machine in the toilet.
On the casing it read something along the lines of ‘Ultimate pleasure’ , now after my ordeal with the ‘Ultimate Shower Experience’ this ‘Ultimate Pleasure’ had my attention.
Alas. £5 into a dodgy vending machine in a pub toilet didn’t sound like the best way to receive ‘Ultimate Pleasure’ and so i decided not to.

– Hancock
He drinks and stuff lol!
Enjoy the first 10 minutes of the film , since thats essentially the best part imo.
It is a pretty decent film i thought – those around me thought worse but they its a taste thing i suppose.
I have to say , it seems like they didn’t really know where to go with the ending and the whole him being a superhero thing – and they just cobbled together some shit.

– Age of Conan
I wanna play it with everyone again :< – Sleep
So i had a beastly headache yesterday after being around some less than amazing people , slumped down on my bed after taking a few asprins at 6:30pm. Closed my eyes for a while…
I wake up.
Oh my.

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  • to be fair I thought it was more like the first 40 minutes or so that were awesome of hancock, THEN it all went to shit

    p.s. the fact that the film was free made it 10x better anyways

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