Go Go Go kart

So today i had to go out to a family meal thingy. How boring.

First up then – A big family meal , which wasnt too bad.

Then we went to Battersea park for a while , to pass the time we thought we’d rent some bike things. Amongst the normal bikes we found some different looking ones.
They look kinda like the smal go karts you used to pedal as a kid. Only these ones were bigger and had tilt steering. Oh yeah. Tilt Steering baby.

2 Laps round the entire park on BS tiltsteering go kart and i could barely stand.

After going to the park we went back to my uncles to burn more time (Parents wasnt going to be leaving until late) , we watched the tennis. Nadal VS Federer. What a match.
Really couldn’t get much closer. And was a very well deserved win by Nadal.

Also. Random Thing – http://www.areyoubritishinbed.co.uk/flash/

Oh yeah , almost forgot.

I Was waiting in line for the ATM machine earlier , there was a blind woman in front of me. She put her card into the machine and asked me to check her balance. So i pushed her.

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  • i wanted federer to win damn that nadal he should go back to nandos and wtf u pushed a blind person thats soo cruel at least pretend u werent there or something. Also how much did she have in her account. One more thing call me when u get it paellllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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