So google are beta’ing a new thingy which is sort of like their take on Habbo / Second Life / Sony’s ‘Home’ thing.
Google are taking over the world D: (hence why they made google earth – to plan their domination)


In other news

DDR went Xtreme

Complete with mad jaggy edges and flame colours.


I also just saw a gameplay video thing of the new ‘Tatsunoko VS Capcom’

As amazing as this looks , i cant help but feel that Marvel VS Capcom 3 would have been so much better.
The way that ‘2d’ fighting games look nowadays are really amazing now though – Perfect blend of 3d graphics with 2d gameplay. Good stuff.

And finally, some highlights of last nights AoC action

You never realise how much you don’t trust your friends until you get to the firepath in Black castle :/

oh yeah. DMC4 for pc just got a scene release. If you’re into that sort of thing. 7.4gb

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