So yesterday i saw 28 weeks later

Good for a laugh , those zombies are rather funny looking – not to mention relentless.
Blood aplenty and the bad guy has some amazing scenes (in which he basically spaz’z out and does the zombie blood vomit from metal slug.)
Infact , you should probably all just watch the film for the zombie blood vomiting – double infact , they should make a sequel called 28 months later which is just a group of 10 zombies going into africa and zombie vomiting over everyone and everything. Id watch it.
Be warned that the film has a really crap ending – Sorta like Cloverfields ending.

Today i saw Die Hard 4.0 (Or ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ depending on where you live)
Solid bruce Willis action, completely with 1 liners aplenty. The story is sort of good i guueeeeess.. a little hard to understand but its good stuff.
Action scenes are certainly all present.
As is Bruce Willis.
Could do with more nudity , particuarly from McClane’s Daughter and the asian badguychick who never dies.
Worth a watch f0 sure.


Oh right , not sure if i linked this once before but i just found it again.


Also. Frances wanted a mention , not sure why.
Don’t even condone you reading this blog , what if i want to post porn? I’d feel weird about doing it now >:[
AlsoAlso. Adam is a retard.

edit: Thinking about it now , I do wonder who even visits this site reguarly. I get the feeling theres probably a bunch of people that do but have never posted a comment or let me know they read etc etc.

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  • I spend my time just generally trying to find interesting blogs (sad, i know) but there are some great ones out there and that’s how i found u.


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