More Milkshakes , and geese (the animal not the fighter)

So persuading lower level people to kill you in Age of Conan is somewhat hard.


Went to lakeside today with frances , for no real reason as usual i guess.
Did have another one of those Shakeaway Milkshake awesomeness things.
Today i got the ‘Chocolate Hob Nob’ one , she got the ‘Terry’s Chocolate Orange’.
I actually think she got the better deal since hers was pretty strong tasting. That isnt to say that mine wasnt amazing though.
Ive tried 8 of them so far now.
Oreo , Rolo , Strawberry Laces , Terrys Choc Orange , Choc Hob Nobs , Chocolate Pop Tarts , Ferrero Rocher , Dime.

I think Ferrero Rocher and terrys Choc Orange are at the top at the moment , followed by Oreo.
At the bottom would be Rolo (which was way too weak) , Dime and then Strawberry Laces (which also wasnt really strong enough)


Picture of my aunt in the park , with a loaf of bread.