FF13 to X360 , truthful cake and a Chemistry Lesson

Final Fantasy XIII coming to 360 as well as PS3.
Theres one more exclusive for the PS3 gone. MGS4 and possibly DIsgaea 3  are probably the only PS3 only titles i can think of right now. Which is sort of worrying.
I hope its something ridiculous like 4 DVD9’s or whatever too.

Also. Call me a pessimist but i really don’t see the above graphics being the real time game graphics. I’m sure they’ll get nerf’d to FF8 graphics before you know it due to horrible frames and such. The PS3 isnt THAAAT powerful after all.

This guy has a convincing argument to keep FF13 a PS3 exclusive.

And by convincing i mean horrible and hilarious.

Not sure if i condone this or not.


Heres an informative video explaining detailed chemical attractions in a simplified form.
After watching this video you can probably attempt an AS Chemistry paper and pass it no problem.