The Forbidden Kingdom

What the hell did i just spend 1 and a half hours watching 😐
It felt like i was watching the continuation of the Karate Kid , complete with old dying mister Miyagi too

The story was horrible at best, i mean i know its a fighting story revolving around fighting but a Kid from boston gets sucked back to Olden times china to fight off- ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME.

Im not sure if its the version of the film i was given , but there are quite a few scenes towards the start of the film where people are talking mandarin and theres no subtitles. Which was kind of confusing. Although not as confusing when all the main characters began speaking English. Im not sure if this is the films version of telling us that he (the main white guy character) learns Mandarin passively , or that every 1/5 chinese people can speak (nega-)fluent English. The voices are so bad i think id much rather prefer them to all speak Mandarin and give me some subtitles because at least then id be able to understand what in the world they are saying.

The monkey king as well , a sort of important character is annoying as hell to watch – but maybe thats just my personal opinion.

The fight scenes are this films saving grace , although unfortunately they seem to be far and few. Considering this is a film focusing on martial arts and what not , it seems like there isnt much of it. With the film focusing more on the stupid white kid’s training and other BS.

Summary : Think ‘Karate Kid’ goes ‘Back to the future’ in ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ with a hint of ‘House of flying daggers’ but replacing Daggers with horrible painful ear violating noise weakly resembling dialogue.