Warhammer online

jesus christ this thing has like 20 classes.
6 races , each with 3-4 classes each. Thats bound to be a hell of a bitch to balance.
I mean , AoC has 12 classes and all of the balance issues are obscene. And there are crappy underplayed characters galore (Dark templar , Assassin)…

Then again i suppose RO had about 18 true classes (and then all the rebirth shit)
I suppooooose it looks intresting , but i think ill wait til i get bored of AoC to consider picking it up.

[[Speaking of AoC , im making a character of ‘Deathwhisper’ atm which is supposedly the most populated server. Wanna see if our server is really that unpopulated.]]

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  • people are jizzing over warhammer online all over the place

    p.s. you still haven’t properly tried WoW

    as much shit as it gets, it’s pretty much the pinnacle of mmorpg’s.

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