Just a day just an… ordinary day..

What a slow Friday.
I woke up at 11 , the sun had slipped through my curtains and was giving eyelids a lovely tanning (and by lovely I mean horrible and painful)

I spend some time on MSN before doing anything.
Played some AoC at some point , werewolf kicked our ass pretty hard. Where the hell is anony :<
Im pretty psyched for all the PVP stuff to kick in , PVP is always pretty fun out in the fields (assuming they’re within 5 levels of you – or you have some groupies with you). Being able to actual level and shit from PKing would be pretty great. [ps. No escape.]

I installed ‘Beyond good and Evi’l and ‘Fable: The lost chapters’ too.
BGAE has shit widescreen support , and by that i mean it doesent. Stretch FTL – especially when it has letterboxing even in 4:3 :<
After some initial problems with Fable (not compatible with windowblinds) i started playing , initial reactions were not good. The combat seemed kinda boring and such. But then eventually you turn into an IG Adult and everything starts kicking off. You can shop for weapons and armour , lots of quests , story quests , Swordplay , Archery and Magic all seem to combine seemlessly and you’re not really required to stick to one archtype (i hope i used that properly) although naturally your character will probably be biased towards whatever you as a person tend to use most. The graphics arent bad too considering how old the game is – with bloom used in a way that isnt retarded. Im still slowly plowing through the game , but its pretty damn good (although a tidge linear from what ive seen so far , with the quests being ‘annihilate the enemy’ and ‘escort asshole to X’ in a 50:50 proportion. )
PS. my guy is a RangerMage dude 😀

This is probably the best E3 trailer ever.

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  • you used it properly, but spelled it wrong


    also, I love how you say “eventually”, as if you spend a considerable amount of time as a child

    it’s pretty much

    child – 5 minutes
    teenager – 5 minutes
    adult – 5 minutes
    80 year old man – THE REST OF THE FUCKING GAME

  • the child bit took foreeeeveerrrrr
    and i didnt want to skip the cutscenes as he was growing up as a teenager (learning how to fight and shit) so that took foreeeeeveerrr tooooo

  • well I mean I guess the intro bit takes forever

    but once you’re through the intro bit some solid snake shit happens and your char enters accelerated aging of some sort

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