K. after a tip off that people have been misusing the uploader i had to play around with it.
Approx 2 hours or so of messing around later , i ended up with exactly the same thing that i started with , but a slightly more up to date version which includes password protection.

If you dont know the password and you think you can get it off me , do ask.
If you dont think you’ll be able to get me to tell you the password , you probably shouldnt ask.

Misc files have been cleaned up (anything with EXE in the name , a few naked leetfella pictures , etc etc) , most of the ‘noise’ files have been moved to uploads/MUSIC (CAPITAL ‘MUSIC’. BECAUSE EVERYTHING IN THE FOLDER IS REALLY LOUD AND YOU PROBABLY SHOULDNT CHECK IT OUT)

I had to redo the file permission things on the hoster.
If i forgot any important extensions you need – and i probably have – drop a comment or tell me or whatever.

www.MBA~.com/host.php – Uploader , still the same URL

www.MBA~.com/uploads/ – Also still the same URL , arent i considerate