mmm.. a mixed day today.
Woke up at 12 , played some Fable. Had to go out at 3 or so for a dentists appointment , he says i need another filling :< I revoke his opinion by persuading mum to go to sainsburys and buy 2L of ice cream and some chocolate bars to blend (DIY Shakeaway style) After coming home i then spent what felt like forever playing RCT3 and going bankrupt because stupid people won’t buy my shit. 5 minutes ago , i made the mikshake. We went for a Kitkat chunky. Probably not the best idea since it took fucking yonks to blend. I had to take the bar out and break it up a bit by hand too. I guess our blender isnt quite cut out for it. Maybe we should get one o dem blendtec things. And i guess thats it for today , Felt like i did more today in my head. But i guess half of that stuff is boring to you guys.