Your Mall Just Got Tagged ,Yo!

So as a battle of skill , cunning and awesome ,we decided to have a battle at…


Now obviously its no rollercoaster tycoon , nor is it Theme hospital , or theme park , or Sim CIty or anything truly amazing that you could spend days playing. But i actually thought this was quite a fun little game.

Some points to note though :
– Everything other than the first 3 or so shops you place will be unprofitable for the first 3 years they’re there.
– Black security offers seem to be more effective than their white counterparts
– People love to litter
– Benches get broken after 5 minutes unless you have engineers
– Place an entrance

I actually really wanna play Rollercoaster Tycoon now, I still cant decide whether i like the old pixel based ones or the 3d one better. Leaning towards RCT2 for nostalgia factor but i only have RCT3 installed atm =(

ps. Pet shop has just been robbed!
pps. A criminal has just escaped!!
ppps. Pet shop is struggling!!!