Chickens can eat grass

Needless to say , the weather here in England has been most lovely , so lovely that ive been going out pretty much every day and havent had much time to update the ol’ blog with anything good.

Highlight of the past 2 days , i Fell asleep in a park.

oooh , i also found out that chickens and rabbits eat grass. I KNOW. CHICKENS. AND RABBITS. EATING GRASS. WTF RITE?

I also (late i’ll admit) declare XKCD , officially. Shit.

ps. YAAAAAAASSSS. Just found harold and Kumar escape from guantanamo bay in 720p 5.1 DTS. I love HDbits.

pps. Rumour : Square enix ™’s ‘Echoes of Time’ , Possible new Chrono Trigger game or perhaps just a subtitle for the DS remake they’re doing.

ppps. Just realised i still had Talisman Online installed

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  • I removed xkcd from my bookmark toolbar like a month ago when I realised the exact same thing. ’tis a shame ’cause it used to be awesome.

    also, duh chickens eat grass. what, did you never play harvest moon?

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