Harold and Kumar escape from G.Bay

It was nowhere near as good as it should have been.

I still can’t decide whether it was a bad film or whether it just didn’t live up to the first film/my expectations of it.
Basic plotline is that they try to go to amsterdam , become falsely accused of being terrorists and then have to try and clear their name.
Obviously for Harold and Kumar life isnt simple ,and whoever came up with the plot for the film was clearly tripping on acid or something since s/he just throws all sorts of fucked up shit in there.
Theres also a fair amount of extra stuff for guys. Tits are fairly common and theres a scene where everyone (girls.) is showing off their pubes.

I normally at this point in the ‘review’ (if you really want to call it that.) tell you whether or not you should watch it. And i really don’t have a clue.
I’m leaning towards ‘Don’t Bother’ but at the same time it did have some funny parts and it wasn’t by any stretch a horrible film.

If you really enjoyed the first film , you may as well give it a watch. The story follows on directly from the first film and even if you don’t like it , its only 1hr 45mins.
Obviously if you havent seen the first film don’t even bother.

ps. theres a scene with George Bush getting high.
pps. theres also a scene with a bottomless girl doing a backwards handstand thing. And if you have the HD version , its fucking hot.