Meng the pyro IRL

So today was spent in a park (but not before a yummy Subway Meatball Marinara) After walking around (since it was our first time in that park) we sat down. It was at this point i realised Frances had a … Read More

Alone in the Dark PC

And for anyone who bought the game , thats where it’ll stay. Alone. Buried deep in a ditch somewhere.The PC version anyway. where do i start. The monsters are kind of like those found in Condemned , only these ones … Read More

Super Mario World Ad

Also. im pretty sure all the ‘regulars’ have already seen this through whatever (IRC / youtube friends etc) but here it is for everyone else (godknows how many people view this blog)

Hastings and Brown Steins.

So yesterday i went to Hastings to visit family and such , although before we went there , we went to Costcos Costco’s is great , or at least ,its the only place i know of that sells 2kg boxes … Read More

Hellboy II

Mediocre at best , although in all honesty i dont really know why i disliked it so much. Fight scenes seemed really slow and clunky , which i suppose is to be expected given hellboy’s physique. It was almost like … Read More


Oh wow. are you for real? Most amazing page of a manga ever


Who the fuck calls their kids philip anyway , look what appears on google images when you put Philip in. you know what they all have in common? they all look GAY. Do you want your children to be … Read More