Joe Pasquale

Sooooo… i woke up today at a rather lazy 1pm. although somewhat justified because we was gankbombin niccuhs like it was ’94 in Field of the Dead (AoC) til like half 5 – when my game decided to explode , its working now though.

Chilled out by laying in bed staring at ceiling for about half an hour , then i thought id ‘get stuff done’. And by that i mean i went on the computer.

I Finished ‘Mass Effect’ , Xfire says 15 hours but i think my IG save was only about 11 hours.
Seems kind of short either way but i suppose i didn’t really do many of the side missions (only 7 or 8 out of like 6 billion – from what i hear). I still don’t even know why i stuck it out and finished the game , It wasn’t amazingly fun and the story wasn’t the best ever either , yet i felt compelled to keep going. Weird.
Anywho. I still stick by my early impressions , although + bonus points for game depth , 5 difficulty modes , a shitton of side quests , lots of stuff to gather (think GTA hidden package sort of shit.) , there are romance subplots too – i have no idea how the hell you start those. Also + bonus points for the massive amount of voice acting in the game – im pretty sure there is way above 15 hours of voice acting alone since every major character , quest giver , quest person , trader , random civilians etc etc, have something to say.

So after finishing mass effect we went out , i wasnt really informed where we were going until we was in the car.
We were headed to southcliff (?) (highcliff? somethingcliff.) near Southend [its a ‘beach’ for those who don’t know.] for a meal and then to see Joe Pasquale (a comedian – also worth noting there is a real shortage of Joe Pasquale stuff on youtube , or maybe im spelling it wrong.) for my dad’s birthday.

We ate dinner at some thai place , called Thai Numa (or Thai something. i forgot.)
The portions of food were fucking pathetic. ‘Grilled prawns’ apparently means a small boat dish with about 5 prawns on. – £7.50
Thai green curry , about a fist’s worth. – £7.50
Same for the portions of rice , all about the size of a fist for obscene prices.
My dad ordered a Thai salad , which turned out to be waaaay spicier than all of the curries we had put together , never in my life have i had such a spicy piece of lettuce. It was like they had covered it in lava , since thats what it felt like when it was in your mouth. Fiery death.
that two face guy from batman? he didnt get caught in no fire , he ate the thai salad from this place.

After dinner we headed to the theatre. we had pretty good seats – position wise anyway , center middle.
Shame then that the seats themselves were made in zimbabwe. They were like the flip down chairs you get at the cinema , only they flipped down too much so that it sloped slightly forwards. They were also secretly made of metal which was painted a fabric colour because never before have i had such a sore ass from 2 hours of sitting down. Oooh Oooh. And the seats were all really poorly bolted down so that if the guy 3 seats down from you fidgeted , you could feel the entire row sway back and forth.
The show itself was good stuff , really funny. With random guy at the front of the stage throwing a bottle of water at joe , and guest appearance by a naked guy on stage to see if the guest woman had her blindfold on properly.
Chocolate ice cream for the intermission. Mmmm.

After the show , we headed back. And here i am, typing this up.