Faster… Harder…

Whats with all the scooter talk lately.

Yesterday night after sitting with my dad (whilst he was watching Clubland TV – not sure what happened there) he gave me a rather amazing impersonation of scooter.
Its obviously not nearly as amazing in writing – but he did…
“SCOOTUUH… ARE YOU REDAYY” whilst waving his hands about in a rave sort of manner.
One has to remember that my dad is in his fifties.

And then today Frances randomly turns round to me and asks which song it is that starts “HARDCORR HARDCORR” in the most scooterish voice she could muster , which isnt very scooterish i have to say.

And so , i hereby declare today ‘Scooter day’
You are all now forced to only listen to scooter for the rest of the day.

oh. i almost forgot.