Trip to the dentist

And now , an actual blog post , because i havent done one in a while.

So i woke up at around 11ish today , to the sound of the builders next door no less.
I hopped on the pc and played some CS with Leetfizzle and BIzzle and womped around in some CSS for a while – Im starting to think that my CSS is borked since 1/4 of the servers i cant seem to connect to without getting some sort of error ,(obviously theres also 1/2 of the servers which i cant really join because of my shitty ping due to my wireless interwobs. – Sorry guys :[ )
So the morning was spent pretty much griefing french people for a half hour or so.

Then i had to go out :<
The DENTIST (dramatic music)

I sat around the lobby for about 10 minutes before i was called up.
I had a filling scheduled , but good ol Dentist thought he’d do me a favour and sign me up for some other ‘teeth coating’ stuff , Thanks!
A needle first… a mental image of my gums being pierced by an oylimpic spear came to thoughts as i closed my eyes and pretending everything was okay.
Then water started spraying…
Then the drill started whirring…
That all too familiar drilling sound from next door came back , only this time it was in the inside of my face.
About 20 minutes later he was done.  Although it felt more like an hour tbh.

I got back home to find that everyone had stopped playing CSS, what a shame.
So i switched on TV instead to be greeted by China’s 2008 oylimpics opening. Rather grand it was, with a great amount spent on fireworks and fancy little shows and dancing people and dancing people with brushes on their hands , giant letter column things , dancing people carrying giant paddles and some thai chi folks too , 2008 of them infact.

I dont really know where the rest of my day went , at some point i started playing CSS again with boyce and cross on a gungame server , which was a first for me – My maps kept downloading too slow and everyone was already nearly finished by the time i joined :<
Five-Seven kill and Glock kill are easily the worst weapon kills , only rivaled by the grenade kill. Although oddly the knife kill doesent seem too hard to get usually.

My ‘grand chase’ download then finished , so i went to try that out. . . . . . .