Grand Chase

So.. Grand Chase

Looks kinda fun right?
With its animeesque sort of looks and its promises of being a sidescrolling MMO fighting game mixed with maplestory visuals.

The truth is that its actually MORE SHALLOW THAN MAPLESTORY , in every sense.
How can this be?! Maplestory was about as basic as you can get!

There are 3 classes/Characters , THREE!
These are , swordsman , archer and mage.
Aka. Meatshield guy, pointless bitch and overpowered bitch.

The buttons you need to play this game are as follows.
Up , Down , Left , Right , Z
Mashing Z makes your character attack , holding Z makes them do super moves.

Then theres the RPG shit.
Dungeons are sort of PSU styled , except the areas take about 30 seconds each to clear , depending on whether your teammates are 4 year olds or 8 year olds.
Missions almost always take the form of ‘Kill X goblins’ , alternatively , ‘Collect X goblin handbags’ – and obviously every goblin will drop a handbag for you.
Finish the missions are you get XP and items , level up and you can take on the higher level dungeons , which may take up to 4 minutes to complete! (see picture above.)

PERHAPS… very much perhaps , it would be slightly intresting at higher levels , and if you was playing with your friends. But im not sure.
Theres always a PVP mode though , whcih i havent tried but surely it can only be so bad if its PVP.

Summary : Its maplestory with worse everything but with some PVP in.

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