I want a powerball

So i went out today for various reasons , one of these reasons was to get a copy of Final Fantasy XI (£5 for the starter pack and a month free sub)
I Found a few copies in Romford , £5 each or £10 for 3. but figured i’d wait until i got to lakeside because obviously in a huge shopping complex with 3 game shops they’d be bound to have the same game for the same price if not cheaper , and not from a dodgyass place like gamestation.

There are 2 Game’s and one ‘ThatZ entertainment’ in lakeside , couldnt find squat in thatz entertainment (and turns out all they seem to sell is 2nd hand games , never knew that.)
I checked BOTH Game’s , no starter pack! wtf!
All they had (in both shops) were a few copies for the 2008 edition , which is the original plus the 3 expansion packs , but that was for £25 and frankly im still poor from the last game i bought (Age of Conan – which is still selling for £35 in the shops :S)

very fast rundown of the rest of the day:
-Looked around shops
-Played with orgasmatron head massager thing in ‘menkind’
-had sandwiches for lunch
-went and bought some chocolates , double decker , kinder bueno white and a twirl for £1
-Played some cards – speed , hit your neighbour , blackjack and some other one as well i think.
-Sat around and chatted about crap
-Went into menkind again with some other dude , I played with a powerball!!! (see below for full bit on this)
-Met PAUL again! (PAUL is basically a beast , so much so that i felt the need to capitalize his entire name)
-Went to mcdonalds , double cheeseburger( with barbeque sauce , which they charged 10p for!!! WTF!?)
-bit missing
-Had a shakeaway milkshake , Kinder bueno , i also managed to try some other peoples ones – Dark Bounty and Boost bar
-loitered around krispy kreme , one of frances’s friends works there and she was kind enough to give us some , although she looked fucking madpizzed about it. Pretty much a scowl moreso than a frown. but we got a box of 12 doughnuts worth like a tenner so she can scowl all she wants i guess.

Powerball bit – so i didnt actually try a proper powerball , since they dont keep those in the boxes. What i tried was some cheap ripoff version called like a muscle ball or some shit. Anywho.
So you spin the middle thing , and then you somehow rock that shit around….
And then the magic starts happening..
It slowly starts to pick up speed as you rock it , until it gets fast.. real fast.
it starts to whir , and it starts to rumble
Then it starts to rumble more , like an earthquake
This was as far as i got before i had to stop , but how do you stop it i thought? just… stop?
I tried to stop twirling my wrist , to no avail. the ball just kept carrying my wrist , making it look like i was still drawing circles with my hand. Holding it firm and leaving it for a while seemed to stop it though.
End note : I want a powerball. Really bad.

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  • my brother has one

    it’s neat when you’re trying it yourself but FUCK does it get annoying when someone else is using it. shit is loud.

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