Fun with operating systems

So recently my PC has been exploding on a regular basis , Bluescreens for no real reason , Windows critical errors in the middle of the night , etc.

So i thought i should reinstall windows.

I figured since im gonna install windows again anyway , i may as well give windows Vista a try.

Installation took about an hour.
however upon checking the pc , my G drive wasnt working – thats 200gb of videos , arcade data and some other shit gone. Oh dear.
I can live with that though , i have 90% of it backed up anyway…
I continued to install stuff , then thought i should check if my games still run.
CSS loaded up and i connected.
40 fps? what the fuck?

I grabbed my windows XP disk and slammed it in the drive faster than dexter can transform into the freakazoid.

and here i am , typing this up on a fresh copy of Windows XP with SP3.