Rock B&

So harmonix have done it again , rock band is pretty much ‘the shit’

Im not sure what it is exactly that they did to make it such a great game , but with some friends round it is rather fun.

The guitars are somewhat vanilla by now , everyone has played guitar hero by now , and the guitar in this game is virtually no different to that (although the guitar seems somewhat more painful to play , but maybe thats just because ive been playing guitar hero on my keyboard upside down rather than using an actual plastic guitar. None the less, thumb ache pretty much guarantee’d)
The drums are pretty damn amazing , only 4 pads can make it somewhat easy at times but its still very cool , and the difficulty is generally made up for by the foot pedal (which is fucked up on harder modes)
The vocals is also amazing , if only because it encourages your friends to sing – which is generally rather entertaining. It also transforms into a tambourine when the lyrics are minimal.

Downside obviously , its that it costs a fucking bomb. I think the instruments together come to like £130 and thats not even including the game.

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