Final Fantasy XI

So we finally got the chance to try playing Final Fantasy XI today.

Only cost £5

here are some screenshots of what happened

Below is a picture detailing the pros and cons of FFXI

Stuff that sucks :
– Turn based sort of combat
– Slow combat
– Looks like shit
– Controls which are so bad , it makes PSO seem amazing and intuitive (PSO wasnt actually that bad , im just struggling to think of a game that makes me want to murder someone over the control system other than FFXI)
– Cant change graphics settings ingame
– If you try to tab out in fullscreen , game disconnects
– Menus are retarded
– Everything is retarded :<
– The controls – seriously, someone fire that asshole. You’re worse than whoever invented the dreamcast controller AND  whoever designed the Xbox360 Dpad PUT TOGETHER. YOU’RE THAT BAD. I HOPE YOU READ THIS AND KILL YOURSELF. YOU DONT DESERVE TO EXIST.