London Trip

London is expeeeeeensive.

After buying a £7 travelcard to get there (thats like buying final fantasy XI and then buying enough lighter fluid to burn it with) we was greeted with massive crowds of angry busy pushy shovey londoners and expensive stuff.
We wanted to get a cinnabon thingy but that shit was £3.50 (probably enough to buy FFXI from ebay and then mail it to your worst enemy) so we went into the trocedero instead – which is a big arcade in London for those not in the know.

Few new machines in Troc , there was a dinosaur hunting machine which i believe was new , they had another Pump NX machine – which we got a free go on , there was a mother and her 5 year old trying to play it , the kid didnt have a fuck clue what was going on and the mother was just stamping randomly to the beat , which was kinda innovative i guess , Turns out Pump is haaaaaaaard.. 5 panels is just weird to get used to, i say it was hard , i was playing on hard mode by the 2nd song. – okay , back to games…
Oooh , on the bottom floor they had the new Sega Rally 3 machines , which were awfully nice looking , they had proper cars kinda like the outrun machines and a big HD display with the new Sega Rally on , i didnt play it , but it looked fun.
They also had the (new?) Silent hill Arcade cabinet , which was kinda look a booth sort of deal with drapey bits on the side , the gun is a pistol , which was pretty damn heavy like it was made of metal or something. The game from what i played is somewhat of a cross between silent hill 1 and 2, with you starting off in fog and then you go to a hospital , then it all goes demonic silent hill bullshit mode and you get some creepy nurse things running at you (the screen adopts a grainy brown filter look when you’re in demonic areas , which is kinda cool and creepy) then afterwards you run into pyramid head , i cant say what happens after because i didnt get that far. My only complaint about the game is that the shooting felt rather stiff , with you pulling the trigger and nothing happening on screen , and then you try to reload and it doesent etc etc – maybe poor maintainance?
All in all i only played Pump it up NX ,  silent hill and ‘Fighting Mania’ (FOTNS) games , which were fun.

Then we went to the new ‘Tokyotoys’ which has opened up in the new part of the trocedero. Its kinda funny looking at tiny figurines of anime characters which cost from £5 (2″ lucky star figurines) to £100 (1/6 scale fist of the north star thing with actual fabric clothes) . Also got to laugh at some guy buying a bleach cosplay outfit – he looked like a total ‘desperate to fit in’ type.

Went to Hamleys (toy store) to look around and stuff, got hit in the face with a giant inflatable toy thing 😐
Also saw a giant metal powerball for £60. I kinda wanted to buy the big stunt kite for £8 but it would have been a massive hassle to take back home since it didnt really fit in a bag or anything.

Wandered around chinatown for a bit , then went to camden to stare at goth people and clothes.

Dinner at subway , £2.20 for a meatball marinara – fucking yes.
and then back home.

Odd , the day doesent seem that long when i write it like that.
(PS. yes i just summarized what happened outside of trocedero in like 3 lines. theres not THAT much intresting stuff outside , camden is pretty much just clothes upon clothes – and cyberdog which is like rave music clothes and everything is neon coloured and UV reactive)

PPS. not sure if i mentioned , but EVERYWHERE was crowded as shit today , it was also intermittant raining and heavy winds through the latter parts of the day , with the early parts of the day being annoying coz i was carrying a big coat around with me :<