Hastings and Brown Steins.

So yesterday i went to Hastings to visit family and such , although before we went there , we went to Costcos

Costco’s is great , or at least ,its the only place i know of that sells 2kg boxes of Haribo tangfastics. (for like £5 a box.)

I also went to burger king , and tried the ‘dark double whopper’ thing that they have going on , to promote the batman film. Im not just saying this as another way of saying ‘BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT IS OVERRATED’. The dark double whopper genuinely sucks ass. It has no flavour , and isnt even as peppery as advertised. Its just a big burger which is almost like a double whopper , but without the taste. Avoid.
its also like £5 for a dark double whopper meal , of which i could have bought another box of haribo.

The rest of the day was spent walking around hastings and such. Turns out they have a COSMO restaurant there on the seafront.

I also had a mint choc icecream , played some time crisis 4 , and bought a kite.

On an unrelated note , heres a 2 pictures taken on the 23rd.

First is a squirly trying to climb up my leg.

Second is…

Personally , i dont think id buy anything from a shop called Brown-Steins.
Which is probably why its closed down.

(also , the shop next to it is called ‘Lots of Rice’)