You are blind : The game of the movie of the game

Jeez. what a boring day.

Went out to romford to buy stuff for uni.

Ended up buying a pot , a wok , bowl and 2 plates , a bunch of cutlery , a basket for toiletries and probably some other shit too that i cant remember.

Had a Chicken legend from McD’s , salsa version.
Was pretty nice , 10x better than the shitty dark knight burger i had the other day.
oh , we also tried the spring roll things they’re doing. Avoid. They dont taste too bad , but they arent crunchy/crispy at all like spring rolls are supposed to be. instead they are all soggy/floppy like some of the mcdonald chips.

Nothing particuarly major happened after this.
Went home , played some TF2 , watched some Bleach , read some Fairy Tail , found out my CnC3 was corrupted 🙁

I thought id try playing Doom 3 , since i never even came close to completing it.
Shit is DARK. and CREEPY.
Like wow. even in Quake 4 you could have a flashlight on the end of your assault rifle, but needing to bring out the flashlight on its own? really?
Especially when the game is pitch black 95% of the time

what the fuck is this shit

Seriously? The game then becomes See where the enemies are VS being able to shoot the enemies
Unless you’re a big fan of melee’ing demon fireball motherfuckers with your torch.

I think that more or less sums up my day.
Oh. i cracked open the box of haribo too. Fizzy Cherries are beast.