University Day 2

Ill think of some post titles that arent generic as hell next time i promise. (i probably actually wont but ill at least try.) After sitting around in the common room a bunch of us (read: All of us) decided … Read More

University of Warwick , day 1

Everything seems a blur , we arrived at the university of warwick at around 1pm ish. Went to the dorm reception and was asked to fill out a form , they then gave me my room keys and make us … Read More

Crysis Warhead

Saying ‘pictures don’t do this game justice’ is like saying ‘people with no nipples are strange’. … Well what i mean by that is that you really have to see crysis warhead in motion to comprehend how amazingly beautiful this … Read More

Lack of recent updates

Sorry about the recent nega-blogging. Its the last week at home before i move out to Uni and hence ive been out a fair bit. The times i have been home have been pretty much spent playing WoW and you … Read More


To send off some of those who are going to uni tomorrow (20th Sep) we decided to go bowling.I have to say , i forgot how expensive bowling is. 2 games = £10 , yikes. I finally managed to find … Read More

Some good stuff thats coming our way.

Patapon 2^ More patapons , missions and items sounds good to me.^ Groovin Blocks actually sounds really good as well. If you cant be bothered to read the article , think lumines + Columns with techno music and you … Read More