The Jacket

So whilst at lakeside the other day we decided to play a game – Find the single most expensive piece of clothing you can.

We were pretty bored , so yeah.

Our initial goal was £120

Which we beat in the first shop we found , i believe it was a jacket as well

We upped the goal to £150

This turned out to be harder than it looked , we went into Zara and found about 15 items that were all priced £149 , but none over that.
I believe it wasnt until we went to Monsoon than we found the big stuff.

At the back of the store there were Bridal Dresses , of which the most expensive was £180 – Pricey!
But not as pricey as…

This Coat!
So ugly!
Brown Leather , and hella stiff to move in too.
Care to guess how much it cost?

(Highlight Below)


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