Its out! at last!
Is it a letdown? mmm… i cant really decide.

In my head it was gonna be way more fun and entertaining…

The cell stage is pretty much eat everything smaller than you , run from anything bigger than you. Grow bigger and then eat the stuff that was bigger than you. etc etc. (feeding frenzy/insane aquarium style)
There is some evolution in this stage , mainly in the form of mouth , where your eyes are , how many spermtail things you have [[my biomedical science course starts on 27th btw]] , you can get poison spitting gland thingies and fins and shit too – these affect your speed , turning speed , attack power , etc.


And then…

He grew legs!!

And his brain grew and grew!!

and then…

Somewhere along the way he grew 4 arms , tusks , blackman lips , toes (2 of them) and he turned purple!

Later on he slimmed down a little and turned green too.

The land stage is basically running around making friends with or killing any other species you come into contact with. You get xp for either outcome.
Making friends is basically clicking on them , they dance , you dance , they sing , you sing – and hopefully if your species evolved properly you’ll be able to convince them that you arent a complete asshole of a race.
Making other species extinct is basically
step 1 : Grow teeth
step 2 : Grow Horns (optional)
step 3 : Grow Arms (optional)
Kill everything that moves

One of the advantages of befriending other species though is that you can recruit them (freedom fighters style) and then they can help beat the shit out of the other speciess.

Thats as far as ive gotten in the game so far , when i progress more you can expect some more pictures of ‘Gobbo’ (which actually doesent look anything like a real Gobbo)