The Strangers

So i went with a few friends to see ‘The Strangers’ today

I actually had no idea what the film was about before i went to see it , the ONLY thing i had seen was this poster.

Jist of the story is creepy bagheadman starts terrorizing a couple who are in the middle of nowehere , couple then has to escape from the creepy bagheadman. (this is super abridged version revealing practically none of the story)

Aftering being convinced by a friend who couldnt go that the film was gonna be shit – even going to the trouble of looking up reviews to prove how bad it would be (thanks for that by the way , way to let jealousy get the better of you) the film actually turned out to be alright.
Sure the story was far from original, and the ending was ‘poor pish’ as boyce would say , the film is generally pretty good at what it sets out to do , that being make you anxious and jump every now and then at cheap BOO scares. I cant remember the last time i saw a movie that made me jump , but this did.

The film is also pretty minimal on its torture bits , which seems to be becoming a rarity in horror films nowadays, with most films being 50% creepy clowns , 50% long drawn out screaming tortury scenes.
This was a relief for me , personally im not big on the whole ‘har har , look at him sawing his own arm off’ or whatever thing , and i dont really see how anyone can be.

End note : Not great or anything in terms of general viewing (id rather be watching tropic thunder) but as a horror film it serves its purpose – bit too many panto style HE’S BEHIND YOU! moments though.

ps. while im talking about horror films, saw V? really? ive never seen any of the Saw films since from what i gather its just gore scenes but surely it cant be good enough to warrant a 5th film… can it?