Mercenaries 2 : World in Flames

World in flames , which is probably how the devs percieve their own forum now that this game has been released.

When i read the gamespot review i thought to myself ‘wow. the game cant be that bad , not to deserve a 5 score’ , turns out i was wrong to some extent. However they were playing on the console version – if they were playing the PC version it probably would have gotten a much lower score.

Summary of flaws.

– Your character will say some sort of horrible one liner 95% of the time when you :
Kill someone
Pick up an item
Get in a vehicle
See another vehicle
Hit a civilian

– Controls are utterly retarded and nega-intuitive , which seems to be an increasing trend in games nowadays. It DOES support the 360 control pad , however the aiming reticle seems to go reeeeeeeaally slow regardless of how high you put the sensitivity on , it also has an issue with deadzones where if your stick isnt completely straight , it’ll still turn/walk.

– Lack of proper widescreen support , the game only supports 4:3 and 16:9 , almost all widescreen computer monitors are 16:10, this means that if you put widescreen on , you’ll be greeted with a horizontally squished game. This leads to….

– The graphics look shit , well… maybe not THAT shit. And nobody would really care if… (the game actually doesent look that bad with the aspect ratio fixed)

– The framerate is shit. For what you get graphics wise , the framerate really shouldnt be as low as it is.

– The text all has a very odd pixelated look to it , not sure if this is intentional or just because i run it at really high res but.. yeah.

– The game uses subtitles along with its audio , and like most badly made games , the subtitles dont sync with whats being said. Sometimes they also disapear too fast , appear too fast , or dont appear at all.

– Speaking of audio and subtitles. They censor swearing. I don’t really know what rating the game is supposed to be but for a game where you can kill anyone , blow up anything , headbutt people in tanks , steal cars/bikes etc… Do you really need to censor swearing? Its got a really horrible high pitched tone in place of swearing as well which makes it worse.

– The game uses icons instead of keys/buttons to tell you what to do. So for example if you’re supposed to hit the melee button to do something , a little icon will apepar with a fist instead of [F] or whatever the xbox control is. This wouldnt really be a problem if it at some point told you what the buttons were , its also impossible to find the buttons in the game controller settings because they just arent there or dont tell you.
The scene below near the start of the game for example. Press the feet button. This looks easier than it is here because you can take a good hard stare at the picture. When you’re playing the game you have around a second to evaluate what it is , and then press the button. It also said nothing about having to tap the jump button multiple times – As a result i ended up trying nearly every button in the game and then went to gamefaqs.

^ Thankfully i wasnt the only one that had no idea wtf to do.

– The tanks/cars/trucks/bikes handle about as well as wet fish after rubbing baby oil over your hands. You’ll go crashing into walls , other vehicles and of course lots of…

– Civilians LOVE running into the road randomly as you drive by. Like nigs to KFC they all become magnetized to the front of you car – each time you hit them you lose $5000. Fun.

– All NPC’s talk too much , being able to hear the enemy is one thing , but hearing ‘ENEMY SIGHTED , THE ENEMY IS HERE , THE ENEMY IS BEHIND THE TREE , THE ENEMY IS HERE , ENEMY SIGHTED , ENEMY SIGHTED , THE ENEMY IS BEHIND THE TREE’ about 5 times in 10 seconds will very quickly drive you batshit insane.

– General bugs with the game , for example the one below~

This was part of a mission , throw the smoke grenade into the objective marker. Then do some other shit before the deadline time runs out. As you can see , the smoke grenade is clearly INSIDE the marker , i tried throwing it about 200 times. No dice.
If the mission wasnt about 30 minutes long in total i would have turned the game off at this point.
Eventually i managed to complete the objective by killing myself , spending 3 minutes driving back , 2 minutes hijacking the tank , 2 minutes killing everyone inside the base and then throwing the fucking smoke into the marker and this time it worked first time.

– oh , one more thing. The music ingame is like a horrible 5 second loop of something straight from ‘the empire strikes back’