Spore (Part 2)

Last time we left the sweet race of gobbos at the start of the tribal phase.

So after the boring land creature stage , you reach the tribal stage. Which basically turns the game into a very simplified Age of Empires , only with the added difference of being able to befriend other towns into allies (for the carebears out there)

You get a few different types of shacks which allow you to equip your creatures with different things. For the carebears there are instruments. Using these you can go and bard it up for the other towns and eventually they like you and such.
Alternatively for the warriors – Axes , flame torches and spears.
The tribal phase seems to go by way too quick , which is a shame because so far its definately the most fun part. Maybe i just enjoyed it because im rubbish at actual RTS games.

After clearing out all the other tribes (or befriending them) you enter the civilization stage…

You get to create your HQ

Here was my first attempt , unfortunately i built it the wrong way round. So i had to remake.

Worth noting that how you play the game affects how your tribe actually acts.
For example if you start as a carnivore then make every other species extinct , then destroy all of your neighboring tribes you’ll get the picture below.

You then get to make your own land vehicle.

You then get to make each of your buildings , House , entertainment and factories.

Id show pictures but you’ll be sick of pictures by the end of this post.

Heres a picture of my boat – notice the amazing name.

And a picture of my plane.

You then build up your empire by taking over other cities , then expand the cities to increase your military and funds , then take over more cities. (if you zoom on the below pic you can see the other buildings i made too , they’re nothing too fancy though.)

And heres a picture of me destroying a town using like 200 planes.

I think ill leave this here. Next time i update it’ll be the space stage!