Spore (Part 3 – Space)

Last we left the gobbos they had just finished building their latest innovative space craft.

You take to huge void that is space and sniff out other races and habitable planets. Those which are habitable , you… err… habit.

Those which arent habitable , you can terraform by using various tools to change the atmosphere and temperature until it is suitable for life , which you need to bring from other planets.

So for example if a planet has no atmosphere and is freezing cold – you can use an atmosphere machine thing and then summon meteors (somehow) to heat up the planet. When the planet becomes habitable you then place some plants down , and a few herbivores and carnivores to balance out the ecosystem. You can then throw down a city. Do the same again and you can put down another city on the same planet. To a limit of 3 cities.

Alternatively after making some allies and buying weapons , you can go out and just plain steal other race’s colonies.

Note : the combat is NOT the strongest part of the space stage , infact its pretty shit. Without allies you’re pretty much a deadman since only your allies can hit stuff with 99% accuracy.

Theres also trading with other races , which is how you’ll get almost all of your money. Theres also quests but i havent done many of those – they usually involve killing your allies in an attempt to make that race your ally.

I dont even know what you spend the majority of this age doing , colonizing other planets , collecting money , trading,  invading hostile planets , defending friendly planets (or your planets) , and just general tomfoolery in space. It does start VERY VERY complicated ,with the game throwing about 200 icons and tabs in your face without much introduction , but you’ll get the hang of it.. eventually.

One of the things that impresses me the most is the sheer scale of the game. Some of you have probably seen the video where they zoom all the way out , but heres that in pictures for those that havent seen it…

You’ve all seen the planet from previous screenshots so ill skip that.

Above is a solar system , 5 planets and a sun in this one… Lets zoom out..

The solar system has turned into a star , hovering over the star with the mouse shows what planets are inside…

Here you can see a shitton of stars , and everything gets VERY VERY CONFUSING. I dont even know wtf is going on , there is like 5 races in my area (not including the 2 i wiped out) , red is me , red areas are hostile , green areas are allied etc etc… Lets zoom out.

You can just about see the coloured faction areas in the picture… Our home planet is looking pretty fucking small right now. Zoooooom ouuuuuuuuuuutttt…….

… oh fuck.

Oh , one final word.
Late into the game you get the planet destroyer…

Its so amazing to watch 😀