To send off some of those who are going to uni tomorrow (20th Sep) we decided to go bowling.
I have to say , i forgot how expensive bowling is. 2 games = £10 , yikes.

I finally managed to find my exact positioning and shot and managed to get some fobtastic strikes in.

Also managed to get a new record of loudness of the ball hitting the floor and distance down the lane before the ball hits the floor.

For the idiots , this is what bowling is supposed to look like. You throw the bowling ball nearish to the floor and along it.

Advanced tips and strategies from a bowling prodigy.

Loud Bowling™

To be able to turn heads of the people around you (to see your potential strike) i recommend this technique , its called Loud Bowling™ and basically works by pretending there is a sandcastle below the floorboards of the bowling lane. Alternatively you could imagine it as a nest of spiders / birthday cake / your ex’s face / black person / Swan etc etc.

By bowling like this , not only will you feel amazing knowing that you’re getting your moneys worth of bowling by costing the management hundreds of pounds worth of damage to their floors , you also turn heads and will be able to feel popular and professional.

Xtreme Bowling™

Tired of how easy normal bowling is? Then its time for you to try XTREME BOWLING™
The ultimate goal of Xtreme Bowling™  is to be able to hit the pins and get a strike WITHOUT LETTING THE BALL HIT THE LANE , obviously this is very hard to do unless you’re built like a tank , Try your best to throw it as far down the lane as possible. (My personal best is about 3/5 down the lane)

Aside from look really cool , you get to give yourself additional challenge. Spinning the ball is not recomended but you can if you want. If your ball flies into another lane you do not get any kudos or points unless you get a strike in that lane.