Lack of recent updates

Sorry about the recent nega-blogging.

Its the last week at home before i move out to Uni and hence ive been out a fair bit.

The times i have been home have been pretty much spent playing WoW and you guys don’t really want to know about that so i’ll leave it out of this blog. – If you’re intrested in that stuff all my stats and gear are here

Yesterday was spent with Frances , meatball sub for lunch and then off to lakeside for a lookaround. Had my last shakeaway for a while – Aero Mint , which came out extra extra thick and was amazing. It reminded me of the old style McDonalds milkshakes.

Today was spent dossing about and playing DS, played a bit of WoW then went out to dinner at the carvery – which for those who don’t know is basically a traditional english roast sort of restaurant , you get your plate and ask for a certain type of meat – Gammon (ham) / Turkey / Beef , or you can have some of each or 2 types. Me being… me. I had some of all of them. You then take veggies like brocoli , carrots , potatoes, peas etc etc etc and then help yourself to cranberry sauce and gravy and then take it back to your table and nom that shit.

Im beginning to think about packing , i leave on saturday and so far ive packed my duvet covers and a towel. I have clothes strewn over my sofa still and i really cant be fucked to do anything about it. *sigh*