University of Warwick , day 1

Everything seems a blur , we arrived at the university of warwick at around 1pm ish. Went to the dorm reception and was asked to fill out a form , they then gave me my room keys and make us write our room number code on a piece of paper along with our name and then take a mugshot photo. Im HOPING this was for their use or something and it will not end up as some sort of ‘lets make fun of the freshers’ sort of thing and be a poster.

Moved all my stuff into the room , painfully. Especially the computer , which weighs a fucking ton. Thanks antec – Great design but you couldnt make that shit lightweight huh.

This is my first time at warwick uni since i never really bothered to go to any of the open days and such.
My initial impressions – Wow , this place has a lot of grass and trees. Also. Wow , this place smells like shit.
My dad tells me the shit smell is because we’re so far out from the city , i panic a little.

Whilst unpacking in my room i meet some of my neighbours. Across the hall is a socialite girl called Helen , she deemed it neccesary to bring a bottle of vodka with her.
Next to me is a stairwell , i cant really say anything bad about a stairwell.
On the other side of me is a quiet girl called… idk. I forgot.
On the other side across the hall (its like 2 rooms just outside my room) is a cool surfer like dude called Ben , which we promptly nicknamed Malfunction Man because he just can’t do shit with electricals right – for example he put all of his stuff in the freezer (including peppers , cheese , carrots… – who the hell brings peppers with them anyway) , then he tries to make toast and practically breaks the toaster , it took him like an hour to get his internet working , etc etc.
2 other dudes which i seemed to group with is a large talky talk type guy called Tim, the one who knows a shitton of useless knowledge and isnt scared to share it with everyone. And an odd person who looks like Simon Amstell called Ian, he seems to be addicted to beer since he just kept drinking that shit casualy yesterday.

Walked around and got my uni card and finance and stuff sorted out, then came back and just chatted with the other people in my dorm for a while. Night eventually came and we decided we should try and go out and be social. unfortunately this night at the uni is basically a freshers night thing and you need to buy a shirt , of which none of us did. We ended up just chilling on the piazza and talking to randoms , we went to tescos with a group of people and came back with some food for the night/this morning and Tim bought a rather large bottle of SELEKT vodka , which they say tastes absoloutely horrible , i didn’t try because proper smirnoff vodka in my opinion tastes like bleach so i cant even imagine what horrible vodka tastes like. I also bought a bottle of apple sourz , i figure it may come in useful at some point when we decide to play some drinking games.

Sat around and talked in the kitchen for an hour or so with a girl we found on the way to tesco called Margarita (which i cant spell properly , i think). Ben brokee the toaster at this point.
We headed back to the piazza to try and make more friends , we ended up talking to randoms again , lots of randoms.
Everyone went back to the common room around midnight and they stayed up talking to about 3am , i left at about 2:30am because i was tired. Of course i was then enticed by cross to play a ‘little’ WoW , and ended up sleeping at 5:30am

Woke up at 10 this morning from the sound of my mobile phone ringing , parents want to take me shopping for crap , i accept as i know it’ll save me some money. Turns out it saved me rather alot of money as i needed quite a bit of crap. Still need to buy some PC speakers at some point though as atm to listen to music im just turning my headset way up and leaving it on the desk. its more than adequate noise level wise but im concerned it’ll explode my headset sooner or later.

Theres a cryfield party thing at some point tonight , i know nothing of it but hopefully someone else will. I think im gonna go and try and socialize now since ive been typing this on and off all morning.