University Day 2

Ill think of some post titles that arent generic as hell next time i promise. (i probably actually wont but ill at least try.)

After sitting around in the common room a bunch of us (read: All of us) decided we should try and cook dinner at the same time. I feel really bad cooking little horrible meals when everyone else seems to be going all out , there was a pizza cooked , fajitas with peppers and sauce , some sort of pasta with mince , pasta with cheese , toast cheese and beans , and i cant really remember what the girls had cooked but it was equally nice looking.
I looked in the fridge and eventually decided i would try and make a bacon and egg sandwich (my fridge inventory currently consists of Bacon , Eggs…. err….i think i have some apples in there… and some milk..


i actually thought i had more in there before i typed this up. shit.

So the party thing was semi-lame , semi-cool. It was lame in that there was nothing particuarly special going on , but somewhat cool in the way that it made it easy to approach everyone and introduce yourself. I dont think ill be able to remember any more than 5% of the names i was told during the night but we’ll see i guess.

Another half of the students came today , since yesterday was A-L surnames , today was everyone else so there were lots of people to meet. Our small posse thing turned into about 8-12 strong.

After a fair bit of chatting to randoms and such we decided to head out to the Student Union for a bit to see if we could get in. It was packed and  there was an entrance fee We decided to try and find ‘Varisity’ or whatever it was called ,which is a pub/bar sort of place. We ended up walking all around campus for ages taking all sorts of routes.  We EVENTUALLY got there and got a drink , after buying a £2 card you get a fair bit of discount I got a bottle of bulmers for like £2.60 or something which isnt particuarly bad – moreso considering how much of a bad drinker i am and that one bottle is enough to get me a little ‘funny’. Its odd how a little alcohol can bring people out of their shells , i dont know why that is , maybe alcohol overrides the part of your brain that does self control , maybe you feel like you can blame it on the booze if you do stuff thats completely retarded…

The pub shut at 11pm (what the fuck.) so we had to journey AAAAALL the way back to the student union – which wasnt actually that far away we just took the longest route possible to get to varisity.
There was an outside DJ and stuff playing music. We hung around for a while there bopping along to pendulum , oasis , killers , basshunter and probably a load of other stuff im completely omitting.

We then went back to Cryfield (at around 12ish) to find a group of people in the common room , two of which playing guitars. We sat around for some more and chatted until now where i decided to write this up (1.30am) , Geroge – who was one of the guys playing guitar was an absoloute beast and was playing Tenacious D, reel big fish , and err… other… stuff. I cant really remember the other stuff but having a group of about 3 of us singing along to ‘fuck her gently’ was definately the highlight of my stay here so far. Yes there were girls there too. No i cant sing well but i couldnt really give a shit i suppose.

Rather nastily i havent actually tried using the bathroom showers yet , im kind of scared of using public showers but i know im going to have to eventually…

Tomorrow i have to attend a lecture at 11am at gibbet hill , i dont even know where that is but i met another Biomedical student next door to me so hopefully ill just tag along with him.

Im not quite missing home yet , although i do wish i had said a proper goodbye to Hassan (im sorry bro , i meant to on the friday but i was just so busy with other stuff , then i was hoping to tell my parents in the morning to give me a lift to your house but then i forgot ;_; )

Heres a picture of my room by the way.

i tried to be all cool and do a panorama thing , it didnt work very well but you get a rough idea of whats going on.