Who put the Biomed stuff at the top of a hill off campus :

Quite a boring day today , spent most of it trudging back and forth from Gibbet Hill where all of my Biomedical stuff is located. First a lecture in the morning with roll call (11am) , then a 15 min walk back to dorms where i cooked lunch (instant noodles) , then back to Gibbet hill for 1:15pm to get a photo taken , we had to queue until approx 2:30pm. Walk back to cryfield , walk back again at 4:30 for tutor introduction – my tutor is a complete failface who doesent know wtf is going on.

After that , chilling in my room for a while then went out for drinks.
Shared a pitcher of vodka and red bull with some guy. Half of them went to queue for club , the other half went to sit around SU. I got bored and couldnt really be bothered with either so i went back to my room to chill out a bit. Played WoW for about 15 minutes to collect moneys from my mailbox then got bored and went to the common room where everyone was sitting around playing this weird blink game.

Basically all the guys sit on chairs in a circle and then there are girls behind each boy. One of the chairs is empty. The girl has to blink/wink at guys to get them to go into her chair. Girl behind you has to stop you from escaping.
I was wearing a hoodie , the girl behind me was crazy.
I got choked about 4 times before i could escape.
Im not very good at that game ;_;

nothing much else happened today. And i think im gonna head to bed shortly because i my fucking lectures start at 11am tomorrow and its BS. I also have to do a 1500 word essay on something by 9th october. Which is mad BS.

On the brighter side , i bought tickets to see Pendulum w/ the hoosiers for £25. No idea who the hoosiers are but dil said they were decent – which means they’re probably pretty bad but pendulum will make up for it i hope.