Back by popular demand!

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I forgot to back up some of the posts so theres like 3 posts there that went missing. oh well.

Blog should be all working and shit now , even the old pictures work (cant upload pictures yet though ,ill work that out soon i hope)

will reupload the uploads folder soon but i only downloaded files up to around 1mb , if you uploaded anything above 1mb (im looking at you boyce) they wont be there.

Now that this is the 2nd year my blog has been running , im tempted to make a change to the theme.
What do you guys think of either of these?
Or maybe i should leave it as it is…

alternatively if you have nothing better to do , go find a nice one and link it in the comment box –

(i hope comments still work)

edit: apparently people cant access the /uploads/ folder as they dont have permissions… not sure whats going on there. the file hosting DOES still work though but you wont be able to access a file unless you know the name of the file.


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My hosting runs out in like 2 weeks time and im wondering whether its worth me buying another year.

Is anyone still reading? Post comments if you think i should leave it / rebuy


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Its hard to tell from this picture but this little asian girl is shorter than her bow.

which i thought was really funny to look at , reminds me of RF online where all the characters have obscenely large weapons.

We shot 20 meters in archery today (as far as the girl in the picture is shooting) , it was pretty fun although hitting bullseyes are nigh on impossible for me at this stage.
I also apparently have super long arms , they had to get the super long arrows out for me because otherwise at full draw the arrow comes off the bow.

Geopursuit – YOU vs THE WORLD

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So yesterday afternoon some people came round the dorm and threw these up everywhere (under and on doors)

, i was first to the scene.

The way my room is set is like so..

I took the one on my door , and the one on helens door and put it under bens door.

Apparently , he then came back while i was gone , took the ones under his door and put it under helens door.

At some point i then got two through my door , i can only assume helen did it.

we now have about 5 and hide them all over each others rooms , (helens room is always unlocked because she lost her keys so we get a bit of an advantage – i feel pervy/awkward going into a girls room when she’s not around though.

Last night when she was gone somewhere we put one amongst her birthday cards , one in her sink , and one in her bed under the duvet. Result?

Got that under my door at about 1am.

Today , i went out to lectures and came back to find my door with this on…

There were also 2 door hanger things on top of the door.

I wanted another newspaper so we could blu-tak that page to helens ceiling , so i went upstairs to search for a student newspaper…


I came back to this.

Also , as of right now , theres 4 in bens room (in his bible , in his bed , in his underwear drawer , in his maths textbook) and one in helens room (hanging on her cupboard with all her clothes)

edit: This is how bens door looks right now.

Yes. thats a box of chocolate fingers stuck to his door and a door hanger on the top.
I also went back later and blu-tak’d some 2p coins to his door.


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The past few days ive been living off pizza , neglecting my studies , making more friends on the other side of the corridor , reading ‘beaver and steve’ (ben let me borrow it for a while) , playing the ‘mine’ game,  eating haribo (the box is nearly empty!!! D: ) and probably other stuff too.

I -think- im the current record holder of the cryfield sprint but that might be my imagination , its a run from the common room to the side stairwell , up to the first floor , run all the way round to the other side stairwell and then sprint back to the common room with the pillar as the finish line. I think i got 23 seconds yesterday but im not 100% sure , maybe that was my imagination. I definately got 28 seconds on my first try.. hmm.

Ive bought my lab coat, it makes me look sciencey.

uh…. idk what else to say.

so im gonna go take a shower now.

Oh yeah , i finished Crysis Warhead. Pretty damn good game.
And Portal : Prelude is good , but really hard. im on the 5th level so far.

Death of WoW

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So my world of warcraft subscription ran out yesterday, and after crying about it for ages i figured its for the greater good.

For example , my xfire says that ive played 14 hours this week. Those 14 hours could have been spent studying , or going out , or doing laundry (i really fucking need to do laundry , i have like 2 boxers left and one pair of socks.)  , or general hanging out and trying to be social.

I do love playing it – battlegrounds and dungeons can be pretty fun , along with making obscene amounts of money and then laughing at poor people – however i think until maybe my xmas/easter/summer holiday im going to try and restrain myself and not buy another 2 months. Not to mention if i kept playing id need to buy Burning crusade pretty soon since i was at level 53 and getting to the higher levels of my trade skills…
(and then of course if i do start playing again id probably then need to buy lich king >_> )

So anyway. Farewell for now Detatchedjaw , we knew ye well.

hmm.. speaking of MMO’s… Ragnarok online opened a free to play international server…

Fact: University libraries are confusing as hell

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Not much happened today, went to the booksale in the morning , which was a failure. The queue was about 1 and a half hours long and i really couldnt be fucked so i just went back home and messed around on WoW for a bit.

Decided i really need books so i tried going to the library after finding out that one of the books i needed was ‘AVAILABLE’ from the website. The problem arised when i got there…

Thats all of the information they provide you. You then have to sift through 5 floors of bookshelves labeled like so~

None of the shelves i found had my code. Oh dear.
I eventually came across a moving shelf thing with about 800 books on. On the shelves themselves there are no labels telling you what is where or anything , there is no indication as to how the books are ordered etc etc.
I looked around for about half an hour then eventually gave up and just went back to dorm.

I had an innovative lunch today , i had run out of everything. All i had in my part of the fridge were some eggs (3 of them) , my bread was also one day out of date but i used it anyway.
I stole some Sour Cream and onion pringles and made a sandwich of Egg and pringles with ketchup in the middle.

Spent the rest of the day trying to learn how to juggle and now im typing this up at 9pm whilst the others are watching some film called ‘Glorious’ , im not much of a film person so i figured id just come online and waste time doing whatever.


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Probably the best card game ive played , ever.
Although it gets out of hand very very fast.

Basically , its cards but you make the rules.
The guys i play with always start with the same basic rules.

Rules are :
You dont ask questions about the rules
You dont ask questions about the game
You must announce cards (eg. you lay a king of spades you say “king of spades”)

We played with the starting rules ‘you must say “have a nice day” after laying a 7 , next player then picks up a penalty card and must exclaim “penalty card” ‘
And the rule ‘you must tell everyone the card you just laid is a badger (“thats the badger”) if you lay an 8’

Then you lay your 5 cards abiding by these rules , fail to abide and you pick up a penalty card. Make any mistakes and you pick up a penalty card , take too long and you pick up a penalty card etc etc.

After you have no cards , say ‘Mao’ and pick up 5 cards. You can now make a rule of your choice but dont tell anyone. Enforce your rule.

Example rules made up in todays game…

‘Sing chorus of sweet child of mine when you play a red card’
‘ “hugh pugh barney mcgrew , cuthbert dibble and grubb” – when you lay a black card’
‘do a sherlock holmes impression if you lay a face card’
‘do an impression of the queen if you lay a queen’
‘lap around the room when you… lay a card.’
‘Kiss the person across from you if you lay an even numbered club’
‘kiss everyone in the room if you lay the ace of clubs’
‘sing the ace of spades when you lay an ace’
‘exclaim your love for geroge michael if you lay a card lower than 7’

Its a good game to combine with drinking , which is convinient because you’ll need to be pretty out of your mind to do most of the stuff in the rules.
by the end of the game for example…
If i was to lay an 8 of clubs i would have to…
Say ‘thats the badger’ , then say ‘hugh pugh barney mcgrew cuthbert dibble and grubb’ whilst running round the room then kiss the person across from me.

Fun game.

Rude Awakening

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I had a horrible nights sleep last night.

Tossing and turning from around midnight til 5-6am when i was finally able to get to sleep.
I awoke to the sound of keys rattling in a door.
it then occured to me that the door that was being key’d was my own.
A cleaner bursts through the door and says (read: yells) sorry at me for intruding as she gets rid of my bin.

The rest of the day was… incredibly uneventful.
I looked over my notes and tried doing some questions , i chatted on MSN , i went out to check the climbing wall but found out that you need to do ropework as well to be able to climb on the big wall :<
Dinner was pasta with some chilli sauce stuff.

Not sure whats going on tonight , we’re thinking maybe go down to varsity as its £1 per drink.

^Shows all of the sports clubs i may consider joining

Its wednesday

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Its wednesday.

I didnt have any lectures today (yay!) so i ended up having quite a relaxed time. I spent the morning chilling out , cereal for breakfast. ramen for lunch.

At about 2 we went out to try the archery club , which was pretty great fun although my arm kind of aches now. I think ill end up joining if only for the hope that i get really into it , then buy a bow and can say “i own a giant Bow” ill probably end up using cats as target practice if i do.

After that we were too late to go try out dodgeball , which i was pretty upset about. Ill probably still sign up for it though.

Made myself dinner , which was a Sausage and egg sandwich with BBQ sauce. Funnily when someone asked what it was , the other people in the kitchen turned around and all said ‘heartattack sandwich’ which is what i was going to say before everyone stole my thunder.

Finished off the day by going to the SU and playing some pool , the rest of them went off to club/varisity which i couldnt really be bothered with because i have a lecture at 9am tomorrow T_T