Back by popular demand!

I forgot to back up some of the posts so theres like 3 posts there that went missing. oh well. Blog should be all working and shit now , even the old pictures work (cant upload pictures yet though ,ill … Read More


My hosting runs out in like 2 weeks time and im wondering whether its worth me buying another year. Is anyone still reading? Post comments if you think i should leave it / rebuy


Its hard to tell from this picture but this little asian girl is shorter than her bow. which i thought was really funny to look at , reminds me of RF online where all the characters have obscenely large weapons. … Read More


The past few days ive been living off pizza , neglecting my studies , making more friends on the other side of the corridor , reading ‘beaver and steve’ (ben let me borrow it for a while) , playing the … Read More

Death of WoW

So my world of warcraft subscription ran out yesterday, and after crying about it for ages i figured its for the greater good. For example , my xfire says that ive played 14 hours this week. Those 14 hours could … Read More


Probably the best card game ive played , ever.Although it gets out of hand very very fast. Basically , its cards but you make the rules.The guys i play with always start with the same basic rules. Rules are :You … Read More

Rude Awakening

I had a horrible nights sleep last night. Tossing and turning from around midnight til 5-6am when i was finally able to get to sleep.I awoke to the sound of keys rattling in a then occured to me that … Read More